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W is for Whale By Clare Halifax by Clare Halifax from art republic

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W is for Whale By Clare Halifax
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Clare Halifax is an artist who understands the beauty of print making. Using highly skilled processes, with an impressive talent for illustration, Halifax creates prints of rich and meticulous detail, with design, pattern and colour playing crucial roles in the overall style. Halifax has produced a series of a-z animal prints, using textiles to create a picture book aesthetic. With an impressive eye for colour and composition, the animal series merges art and design, incorporating typography, texture and graphics to stunning effect. 'W is for Whale' revels in a certain childish charm, depicting a large sperm whale swimming amidst bouncy blue waves. The image uses strong graphics to achieve a sense of texture: the whale is filled in with a cross-hatch pattern while the waves are made up of curved lines, detailed with tiny blue pen strokes. The square print is framed by a triangular stitch pattern with the words 'W is for Whale', in black sans serif font, skimming the top of the image. There is a harmony and simplicity to the image, appealing in its self-conscious naivety and clever use of colour and composition.

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W is for Whale By Clare Halifax