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Santi Urban Backpack from Santi at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Santi Urban Backpack

The Santi Urban Backpack is a functional rucksack for anybody from diving professionals to daily commuters. Modern day compartments keep all of your essentials safe and organised inside and even dry with the included rain cover. a zippered external laptop side pocket, a headphone cord hole, 4 internal pockets, including two zippered, a key ring, writing pads and a pocket ID, main compartment closed with a double-sided zipper, double bottom adjustable with a separate Velcro insert, stiffened front protecting the contents of the pocket against crushing, two side mesh pockets and a zippered pocket at the bottom of the backpack, allowing access to useful trinkets without the need to remove it, a rain cover.

Scubapro Dry 120 from Scubapro at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Scubapro Dry 120

The Scubapro 120 Dry Bag is a lighter roller bag made of 840D super-heavy-duty PVC (Tarpaulin) fabric with taped seams and a waterproof zipper. The large main compartments offer lots of cargo-carrying capacity and the whole thing rolls down so it doesn't take up much room. U-shaped openings with YKK double sliders guarantees easy access. Two or three internal Velcro pockets are provided for stowing smaller items. Each bag includes two carry handle straps that can be converted into a backpack system. A built-in plug is provided for draining and cleaning, making these waterproof gearcarriers super-convenient not only during the dive trip but afterwards as well. Inside you can keep your dry kit dry or your wet kit contained. Dimensions: 85 x 40 x 35cm Weight: 2.6kg Volume: 119l

XS Scuba BCD Washout Hose from XS Scuba at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

XS Scuba BCD Washout Hose

The XS Scuba BCD Washout Hose is a simple hose with a Int'l QD fitting on one end and a garden hose screw thread on the other to flush out and wash the inside of your BCD. The inside of your BCD is a sealed plastic bag that often collects sea water and other contaminants that can breed bacteria and other nasties. If not cleaned properly salt crystals can build up inside the working parts of your BCD and cause them to fail and need replacing so it's a good habit to flush out the inside of your BCD and inflator after a days diving.

XDEEP Cam Band Steel from XDEEP at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

XDEEP Cam Band Steel

The XDEEP Cam Band Steel is a traditional 2" nylon cylinder band with a stainless steel buckle.

Santi Old School Mens Tee from Santi at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Santi Old School Mens Tee

The Santi Old School Mens Tee is a Graphite T-shirt with a black and gray print showing a vintage hard hat diver coming out of the water. 100% cotton

WaterProof Protection Mat from WaterProof at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

WaterProof Protection Mat

The Waterproof Protection Mat is a changing mat to keep your feet and gear clean before and after dives. Similar to yoga mat material the protection mat it can be easily rolled up and unrolled when you need it and water will just roll off it. The padding protects your bare feet from discomfort when changing.

Narkedat90 Teric Bungee Mount from Narkedat90 at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Narkedat90 Teric Bungee Mount

The [email protected] Teric Bungee Mount are a pair of metal fixtures you can fit to your Shearwater Teric so you can replace the standard watch strap with bungee straps. The metal mounts use the same spring clip used to hold the standard strap in place. Supplied with 3mm bungee you are ready to go and the bungee is easy to replace if it ever wears out.

Scubapro FS2 Wrist Compass from Scubapro at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Scubapro FS2 Wrist Compass

The Scubapro FS2 Wrist Compass is a rounded underwater compass that allows for a greater tilt so you don't have to hold it perfectly flat and it will still point north. The clever boot means that you can use the integrated buckle strap or fit bungee straps if you prefer. Who's the FS-2 For? Made for all scuba divers the FS 2 is pressure resistant so you can take it as deep as you like and the phosphorescent card will glow in the dark when charged with a light so you can take it in the dark places too and still see what direction you're facing. The strap that comes with it is long enough to fit around large drysuits and the rounded card sits inside the round housing so it can't fall off the pin and stop turning. Compatibility The holes in the housing of the compass are about 5mm across so go for 5 or 4mm bungee to make bungee straps. Alternative Products The FS2 is also available in a retractor mounted unit if you don't want a compass mounted to your wrist. Most compasses come either with a traditional strap like the AquaLung Compass or as a bungee mount like the Apeks Compass but the FS2 does offer the flexibility to mount it either way. ABOUT SCUBAPRO Scubapro dive gear is considered among the finest quality dive equipment and snorkel equipment available today and is used by many professional divers all over the world.

Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit Mirror Mask from Scubapro at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit Mirror Mask

The Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit Mirrored Mask has the unique Trufit skirt that is made to be soft and flexible to fit any face shape. The ribbed design allows for thinner material between that changes the shape of the mask to match your face shape. This version of the mask has a mirrored external lens to reduce glare to protect your eyes on the surface. Who is the Synergy Trufit Mirror For The Synergy Trufit is a premium mask for any scuba diver or snorkeller. suitable for any level of diver the mirrored lenses will protect your eyes when you're diving in sunny waters when the sun reflects off the water. Compatibility You need to be careful with mask preparation treatments on coated lenses so be extremely careful when applying. Scubapro Defog Gel will help reduce the amount your mask fogs up by, just add a tiny amount before every dive. Essential Accessories A Neoprene Mask Strap Wrapper will help stop the strap pulling your hair and will make it more comfortable. A decent Mask Case will protect your mask from damage between dives. And of course you'll need a snorkel the Spectra was made to match the colours of the Synergy and also comes in a Dry Top Snorkel Alternative Products The Scubapro Spectra Mirrored Mask is very similar only without the Trufit Skirt. The Synergy Trufit does come in a Standard Version without mirrored lenses. Mares make a Mirrored version of their X-Vision Mask and you can choose between Gold and Silver mirroring. About Scubapro Scubapro dive gear is considered among the finest quality dive equipment and snorkel equipment available today and is used by many professional divers all over the world. View product manual

Scubapro Frameless Gorilla Mask from Scubapro at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Scubapro Frameless Gorilla Mask

The Scubapro Frameless Gorilla Mask is a larger version of the classic Frameless Mask with a single large lens for a huge field of vision and a matt black skirt. The silicone skirt is tougher than many other mask skirts out there so it will last for much longer while still being comfortable. Who is the Frameless Gorilla For? The Gorilla version of this mask was made for those who want a larger mask to suit their face or need a wider mask skirt to seal properly to their face shape. The classic squared design of the lens has been popular for many years because it simply works. Recommended Accessories You first need to prepare your mask to reduce fogging. All masks require preparation with something such as Sea Buff to remove contaminants like releasing agents and sunscreen. Before every dive you'll need to defog your mask and Scubapro make their own Defog Gel. With silicone mask straps they can grip and pull your hair so a Neoprene Strap Wrap will help keep your mask comfortable. You also need to keep your mask safe while storing or transporting your mask so we came up with the Premium Mask Case. Extra-large single lens provides an expansive field of view while reducing volume. Slightly larger double-seal matte skirt creates a comfortable, watertight seal on larger faces. Traditional buckles attach to the skirt, enabling the mask to be folded flat for traveling. Wide headband allows for a comfortable fit against the back of the head. Mask Type Single Lens Skirt Tech Standard Prescription Lens Compatible No Volume Low Volume Materials High-Grade Silicone Skirt Color Black Construction Frameless Weight 0.5 lb | 0.2268 kg Activity Recreational, Technical UPC 4048336291002

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