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Rose Target By Elizabeth Waggett by Elizabeth Waggett from art republic

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Rose Target By Elizabeth Waggett
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Elizabeth Waggett is a British fine artist, whose 'free-spirited' work portrays animals, skulls, and personal trinkets to explore the relationship between value and purpose in consumer driven society. Each of her pieces stages a visual dichotomy between stripped-back monochrome and shimmering, gold leaf. Posing as photographic images, each piece reveals itself, on closer look, to be highly skilled works of fine art, crafted with traditional techniques but finished with a modern twist to confront contemporary culture and challenge the viewer's assumptions. 'Rose Target' depicts a human skull, rendered in Waggett's characteristically detailed design, with a rough ring of gold encircling its left eye. Suffused with possibility, this modern memento mori - faceless, sexless, and raceless as it is - condemns the arbitrary labels that we cling to, celebrating, instead, our shared humanity: a sagely circumspect and beautifully executed work of contemporary art.

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Rose Target By Elizabeth Waggett