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Indoor Allotment with Assorted Seeds by B3 Design from The Hut

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Indoor Allotment with Assorted Seeds
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This stylish miniature allotment brings an outdoor environment indoors. Many of us live in built-up city environments, so it's sometimes hard to take the time to enjoy the outdoors or grow your own produce. Ideal for anyone who's green-fingered, you can start growing your own herbs with this stylish set which contains: a little wooden shed, and three miniature plant pots surrounded by a white picket fence and featuring drainage trays for you to grow your own herbs. Even the shed roof and door open, here you can store the 3 soil pellets, 3 packs of seeds (coriander, basil, oregano) and herb snips which you can use to cut your fresh herbs, then add them to your cooking or salads. This set contains everything you need to begin growing your own mini allotment and is small enough to be kept on a windowsill. Features: Mini Indoor allotment Grow your own herbs Three miniature plant pots with draining trays 1 x Herb Snips 3 x Soil Pellets 1 x Coriander (average contents 50 seeds) 1 x Basil (average contents 200 seeds) 1 x Oregano (average contents 100 seeds) Dimensions: H: 19cm x W: 42cm x D: 15.5cm

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Indoor Allotment with Assorted Seeds