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<sarcasm> Tag T-Shirt by American Processing Lettering Inc Dba Ampro from Think Geek

Shipping Information: Think Geek will ship to Greece.

<sarcasm> Tag T-Shirt
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Price at Think Geek: USD 9.99 (Please click through to Think Geek. They might be having a sale!)

Your neighbor has this piece of property which she quite erroneously refers to as a home. It's not a home; it's a swirling vortex of entropy. And since she sleeps like the dead (and has a snoring problem that really needs medical attention), she shouldn't mind you cleaning it. Who wouldn't want to wake up to perfectly organized closets and ironed underthings? So when your roommate floats the idea of sneaking over and shampooing said neighbor's carpet, it seems perfectly logical...

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<sarcasm> Tag T-Shirt