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Xylitol Sweetener Pouch 1000g by Xylitol from eChemist

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Xylitol Sweetener Pouch 1000g
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Made from 100% Birch tree extract from Finland, with no other xylan or corn ingredients, this Xylitol; is an ideal alternative for anyone whop prefers healthy living. Xylitol; is delicious and versatile. Enjoy it in equal measures to standard sugar in your hot drinks, cakes and cooking or sprinkle over fresh fruit, cereals or yoghurt. Xylitol; is trully one of nature's finest gifts. With all the sweetness of common sugar, Xylitol ; has 405 fewer calories, a low GI, is safe for diabetics and is excellent as part of any weight management program. Reducing your generic sugar intake, Xylitol ; is tooth friendly and should be consumed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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Xylitol Sweetener Pouch 1000g