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Viridian Grape Seed Extract 30 Caps by Viridian from eChemist

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Viridian Grape Seed Extract 30 Caps
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High potency collagen protector and free radical fighter. Repairs collagen and prevents free radical damage. Grape Seed has a very high OPC count (Oligomeric Proantho Cyanadin) which means it has a very potent antioxidant action. It neutralises the free radicals (unpaired electrons), which can cause damage, so that they cannot destroy the collagen that holds connective tissues together. We need collagen to maintain healthy organs, vascular system, muscles, skin and everything basically, so if we repair collagen and prevent damage, we keep everything functioning properly and maintain elasticity. For :- ; Vein problems, gut repair, after steroid creams repairs thinning skin, prevent wrinkles.

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Viridian Grape Seed Extract 30 Caps