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Tiana Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar 250g by Tiana from Holland & Barrett

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Tiana Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar 250g
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Guilt-free sugar replacementSustainably produced from raw coconut sap or nectarUse in tea, coffee, sprinkled over porridge or in baking as a 1:1 sugar or syrup replacementGluten- and dairy-free with no additives or preservativesDeliciously sweet and light gold in colour, Tiana Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar is a unique guilt-free sugar replacement. Tiana Raw Coconut Nectar is gently crystallised (not at boiling temperatures) to give it its deliciously sweet and subtle taste and light gold colour.Add to hot drinks, sprinkle over cereals, porridge, and yoghurts, or use in baking to sweeten dishes and food. Delicious!

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Tiana Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar 250g