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Star Trek TOS Uniform Skirt - Gold, 3X by Araca Merchandise Lp from Think Geek

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Star Trek TOS Uniform Skirt - Gold, 3X
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Price at Think Geek: USD 39.99 (Please click through to Think Geek. They might be having a sale!)

The original Star Trek was known for its miniskirts. However you feel about them, the uniforms were definitely a product of the era of the show. Along with Her Universe, we've taken the TOS miniskirt into the 21st century with these Star Trek TOS Uniform Skirts. Now, depending on your height and how you choose to accessorize, this skirt may or may not be a miniskirt on you. But it's probably going to hit you above the knee, so we're going with it...

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Star Trek TOS Uniform Skirt - Gold, 3X