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Silver 9 Inch Double Thick Round Cake Board from Hobbycraft

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Silver 9 Inch Double Thick Round Cake Board
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Who can say no to cake? With the Round Double Thick Card Cake Board, you can keep your status as the reigning kitchen champion with instant patterned flair.Delight friends, family and panels with a fine, sturdy board that can support, mix and match at your whim. This cake board is not ideal for tiered cakes, but will make your single cakes (and its yummy layers) look totally fab! Disguise your board as part of the scenery or as part of the cake simply wrap it with icing! Create mouth-watering displays without worrying about it collapsing or crumbling (at least until the nibbling starts!). Whats more, this patterned foil wont bend, warp or buckle.Share your love of cake crafts with your loved ones.Present. Display. Shine.Size: 23 Centimetres (Approximately 9 Inches.)Ideal for presentations and parties!For cupcakes and layered cakes (no tiers.)Matted, patterned foil.Round Double Thick Card Cake Board Silver 23 cm

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Silver 9 Inch Double Thick Round Cake Board