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Seletti Alphafont Neon Letter - 35cm - D by Seletti from The Hut

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Seletti Alphafont Neon Letter - 35cm - D
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Transform your home or workspace with the Alphafont Neon lighting collection from Seletti. The new neon font has been designed with a simple aesthetic: a single line with an open shape and without any intersection for personalisation in contemporary style. Powered via a transformer (included), a 2kv transformer will power 3 neon letters; a 6kv transformer is suitable for 9 neon letters and a 10kv ideal for 14 letters. Suitable for indoor use only, the lights come with a mounting kit. Features: Seletti Alphafont Neon Letter Wall Light Light your home or professional space with a personal word Supplied with a wall mounting kit Designed for indoor use only Material: Neon Tube Glass Powered by a transformer (included), of which three varying sizes are available: 2kv - 3 Neon Letters 6kv - 9 Neon Letters 10kv - 14 Neon Letters Size: Dimensions: H: 35cm

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Seletti Alphafont Neon Letter - 35cm - D