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Plus Lens - Ceos Geminus and Splendive Masks - +4.5 Left by TUSA from Simply Scuba

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Plus Lens - Ceos Geminus and Splendive Masks - +4.5 Left
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Plus corrective lens to fit TUSA Ceos, Geminus, Splendive IV or Splendive II masks. PLEASE NOTE: These lenses are sold singularly, please order one for each eye. These lenses are bi symmetrical and can fit in either eye, however we sell them as a right and left lens to aid with fitting into the mask. IF YOU REQUIRE YOUR LENSES TO BE FITTED PLEASE PURCHASE THE LENS FITTING SERVICE BELOW. Specifications The measurement you need from your prescription is the Sphere measurement. Optical lenses will replace the original lenses fitted to your mask. If you want to fit prescription lenses to one of TUSA's Pro Masks you willl loose the AntiReflective and UltraViolet benefits of their lenses.

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Plus Lens - Ceos Geminus and Splendive Masks - +4.5 Left