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Maxifuel Viper Active Gel Mixed Berry x 24 by Maxifuel from Maxishop

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Maxifuel Viper Active Gel Mixed Berry x 24
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Viper Active Gel offers you a winning combination of on the go convenience and research proven fuel to support your training session, game or event. Each Maxifuel carbohydrate gel provides 25g of QUADCARB fuel and replenishing nutrients in the form of sodium to support intense exertion. An easy to swallow, fluid like gel available in two fruity flavours; mixed berry and lemon and lime to provide a refreshing, fuel fix to give you that something extra to help you compete at your best! Each gel provides 25g of fast digesting Quadcarb; a unique combination of four carbohydrate sources namely maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose and fructose. Perfect for events and training sessions lasting longer than 45 minutes, to provide the extra fuel needed to sustain performance and intensity when others are flagging.

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Maxifuel Viper Active Gel Mixed Berry x 24

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