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MaxiNutrition Promax bars Blueberry Smoothie x 12 by MaxiNutrition from Maxishop

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MaxiNutrition Promax bars Blueberry Smoothie x 12
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The high quality protein found in Promax bars nourishes working muscles, allowing them to recover from intense exercise and rebuild muscle. Just like the rest of our Promax range, they contain a precise level of protein to target your body’s needs. Ideal for when you’re in a hurry or just want a change from your normal shake; Promax bars are designed to taste delicious as well. Each bar contains 21g of high quality protein blend, formulated to target the nutritional requirements of muscle. The high quality protein in each bar aids muscle recovery and rebuilding. Promax bars are made to a recipe that makes them high in fibre, a key part of our diets. Each bar is packed with 6.4g of fibre.

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MaxiNutrition Promax bars Blueberry Smoothie x 12

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