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KL1242 10Ah Cable Light with Quick Release by Metalsub from Simply Scuba

Shipping Information: Simply Scuba will ship to Greece.

KL1242 10Ah Cable Light with Quick Release
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Price at Simply Scuba: £845.00 (Please click through to Simply Scuba. They might be having a sale!)

The Metalsub KL1242 Cablelight 10Ah is a powerful umbilical torch with a PR1210 quick release so you can mount and dismount your battery quickly before and after a dive. The separate battery pack means a much longer run time with an incredible 5100 lumens. Military Spec Aluminium Body is lightweight, tough and corrosion resistant. Anodised Aluminium with a Teflon impregnated coating meets Type 3, Class 2 MIL-A-8625-E Standard for underwater use. Lockable Twist Activation will adjust the brightness as you turn the bezel with a large ring that is easy to use with gloves. Battery Life Indicator Light shines Green when down to 50% battery life before changing to an Amber light down to 20%, a Red light down to 10% and then the red light will flash below 10%. Cylinder Mounted Battery is a 12V 10Ah NiMH Battery which can power the head up to 120mins. Tough simple design is virtually flood-proof and any water ingress between umbilical and battery will not compromise the battery.

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KL1242 10Ah Cable Light with Quick Release

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