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John Smedley Stain Bar by John Smedley from John Smedley

Shipping Information: John Smedley will ship to Greece.

John Smedley Stain Bar
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Price at John Smedley: £15.00 (Please click through to John Smedley. They might be having a sale!)

John Smedley's stain bar has been carefully formulated to cure any spills or stains that may have found their way on to your garments. Whether it's John Smedley's Sea Island Cotton, extra-fine Merino wool or Cashmere, simply spot treat before washing or use as a part of the hand washing experience.

John Smedley: Worldwide Shipping Information
For orders placed at our UK Store, we offer a simple delivery rates table. Our prices cover worldwide delivery, so no matter where you are sending, the delivery charges are as follows:
For orders under £150.00 the delivery charge is £5.00
For orders between £150.00 and £250.00 the delivery charge is £10.00
For orders over £250.00 the delivery is FREE

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John Smedley Stain Bar