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Heat 5mm Glove - Extra Large by Aqua Lung from Simply Scuba

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Heat 5mm Glove - Extra Large
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The AquaLung Heat 5mm Gloves are a pair of both tough, warm and flexible gloves. Closed cell neoprene with Titanium Slick Skin that covers the inside of the palm which gives you dexterity and warmth in the water unlike traditional lined gloves. The outside of the palm is tough, lined with a laminated woven nylon for grip and abrasion resistance. WarmFor a 5mm glove the build and materials of the Heat glove make it very warm in the water. Closed Cell Neoprene has gas-filled micro bubbles keeps water out and warmth in. Dry Seam Construction all over the glove means that water won't seep through the seams which are both blind stitched and glued. ToughThe palm and fingertips are Laminated Woven Nylon which grips while still being tough when dealing with sharp objects. Glued Stitching means even if a section of stitching is cut it won't spread any further as the glue will hold it from unravelling.Inside the glove is Titanium Slick Skin similar to Glideskin which is smooth and tactile so get get better dexterity and purchase so the glove moves more naturally when worn.SpecificationsUse a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of the dominant hand around the knuckles. Measure from the wrist crease to the tip of the middle finger to find hand length. Size Chart Size Palm Circumference Hand Length SM 7.75"-8" 6.75"-7.25" MED 8"-8.5" 7.25"-7.5" LAR 8.5"-8.75" 7.5"-7.75" XL 8.75"-9.25" 7.75"-8.25"

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Heat 5mm Glove - Extra Large