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Frezyderm PS.T. Cell Balance Cream Step 3 75ml by Frezyderm from eChemist

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Frezyderm PS.T. Cell Balance Cream Step 3 75ml
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A specialised biomimetic cream that reduces redness and itching and restores psoriatic skin back to health. Active compounds and natural oils, sooth and reduce inflammation, reduce cell proliferation and delay skin cell maturation. The cream can help improve the condition, while reinforcing the effects of medication. It be used in combination with all therapeutic regimes during the acute and remission phases of psoriasis and can be given as an alternative therapy to medication. No staining, no odor. Suitable for:; - Psoriasis-infected skin, red, thin, sensitive skin with follicles - Mitotic activity, irritation, itching, inflammation - Hyperkeratosis - Alternative treatment - Care during remission.

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Frezyderm PS.T. Cell Balance Cream Step 3 75ml