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Beginning Acrylic from Hobbycraft

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Beginning Acrylic
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Beginning Acrylic teaches aspiring artists everything they need to know to get started painting in acrylic. From choosing the right paper, brushes, and paints to basic painting tips and techniques, this beginner's guide to acrylic painting is bursting with valuable exercises and advice to help artists master this colourful and approachable medium.Beginners are guided through an exploration of acrylic painting with easy-to-understand concepts and step-by-step methods, including how to paint a variety of skies, trees, mountains, roads, clouds, and waterscapes from start to finish. Building on these basic, fundamental techniques, novice artists can practice their craft with painting projects that are broken down and explained with large, detailed images and examples. With comprehensive instruction and artist tips and tricks, it's the perfect resource for artists just getting started.128 pagesBy Susette BilledeauxIdeal for beginners Includes step-by-step instructions and artist tips and tricksThe perfect starter guide to acrylic painting! Beginning Acrylic

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Beginning Acrylic